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Edgar Winter Band

Edgar Winter's live shows consistently receive rave reviews. His music is always evolving and he is a master at stretching his skill and imagination to produce amazing results. He continues to thrill audiences with his live performances, always remaining on the cutting edge of music and style. Edgar is now at the very top of his game, and his future looks even brighter than his past.


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Atlanta Rhythm Section

They've been part of the Southern Rock scene for more than 30 years. Their biggest hits include So Into You, Champagne Jam, Imaginary Lover, and Spooky. But there's so much more...
With 15 albums of outstanding songwriting and performances, The Atlanta Rhythm Section represents all the good things the phrase "classic rock" implies.


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Pat Travers Band

Since the critically acclaimed 1976 debut album featuring his own brand of high quality seventies guitar rock and roll, Pat Travers has gone on to deliver melodic eighties rock, a blues period throughout most of the nineties, noted performances with various power trio’s during the first few years of the new Millennium, and a full blooded return to the trademark Pat Travers Band sound as he entered his fifth performing and recording decade.


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Rick Derringer

Derringer recorded and played with a version of Johnny Winter's band called "Johnny Winter And..." and both Edgar Winter's White Trash and The Edgar Winter Group. Derringer also had a successful solo career, and his solo version of "Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo" was a hit single. He also recorded extensively with Steely Dan, playing slide guitar on songs such as "Show Biz Kids" and "Chain Lightning".


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The Fabulous Thunderbirds

For over 30 years The Fabulous Thunderbirds have been the quintessential American band. The group's distinctive and powerful sound  influenced by a diversity of musical styles has manifested itself into a unique musical hybrid via such barnburners as "Tuff Enuff" and "Wrap It Up". Co-founder Kim Wilson still spearheads the group as it evolves into its newest incarnation.
"We started as a straight blues band", vocalist and harmonica player Wilson says. "We now incorporate a mixture of a lot of different styles. We're an American music band and we're much higher energy than we were before." –Kim Wilson


 Cyril Neville

Cyril Neville (born in New Orleans, Louisiana, October 10, 1948), is a percussionist and vocalist who first came to prominence as a member of his brother Art Neville's funky New Orleans-based band, The Meters. He joined Art in the prestigious Neville Brothers band upon the dissolution of the Meters.
He has appeared on recordings by Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, Edie Brickell, Willie Nelson, Dr. John and The New Orleans Social Club (among others.)


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Eric Lindell

Lindell’s live shows draw as much attention as his material. His unstoppable grooves, rocking, deeply rooted, original songs and excellent musicianship never fail to fill the dance floor. With the release of Low On Cash, Rich In Love, Lindell and his band will continue to tour heavily, giving the rest of the country the chance to discover for themselves what a growing number of people already know: Eric Lindell is a musician bursting at the seams with talent, with the uncanny natural ability to come up with one instantly classic song after another, and the desire to take his music to every corner of the music-loving universe.


Ed Palermo Big Band Website Link  

with Rob PaparozziiWebsite Link  

Just when it seems all the tribute albums have been made that ever need to get made, something from left field arrives that is so righteous and right on that the music makes perfect sense. That's what lead singer and harp player Rob Paparozzi has created here, along with the Ed Palermo Big Band. They've taken the music of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Michael Bloomfield's Electric Flag aggregation, and barnstormed it all into utter bliss. Butterfield and Bloomfield first collaborated together, and the results were beyond explosive. That band rewrote all the rules for what young white and black musicians could do to urban blues, and set off a generation or two of fans down the rode of cultural exploration.

-Bill Bentley, A&R Vanguard Records


Trudy Lynn

Living in Houston Texas since her birth in 1947, Trudy Lynn has made her living singing, screaming, shouting and testifying American blues and soul music since she began her career in the mid-1960’s as a singer for the great Albert Collins. After working with various other groups she released her first recording as an artist of her own right in 1989, “Trudy Sings the Blues”, followed by many more albums through the years bringing us to this, her 14th.

“Royal Oaks Blues Café” features 11 tracks, according to the P.R. release some of which were Trudy’s researched and handpicked songs originally written in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Along with Trudy Lynn’s strong vocals, teamed with famed blues guitarist John Del Toro Richardson, this CD features the excellent harmonica work by Houston’s Steve Krase of the rocking blues band Steve Krase & The In Crowd.

Gregg Hogg, Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania


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Samantha Fish

Kansas City-based Samantha Fish has been on a major roll ever since she teamed up with Cassie Taylor and Dani Wilde on Ruf’s 2011 release, Girls with Guitars, and fueled by the trio’s Blues Caravan tour of Europe and the U.S., created an international buzz in the blues world. Later that same year she recorded Runaway, her solo debut on Ruf, which mixed gutsy riff-blues rockers like “Down In The Swamp” with the mellow small-hours jazz of “Feelin’ Alright,” while marinating her songwriting in the groove of the Rolling Stones and even tipping a hat to Heart. “It’s all the sounds I grew up with,” she explained at the time, “with my own spin.” Earlier this year Samantha joined labelmate Devon Allman for a sultry duet of the Tom Petty classic, “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” that appeared on Devon’s Turquoise CD and accompanying video.


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The Livesays

Memorable pop/rock tunes, soulful vocals, fresh melodies, catchy hooks, sentimental and thought provoking lyrics, wailing guitars, screaming organ, sultry piano and pounding drums are what you can expect to hear from The Livesays.

"Take 2 pints Springsteen, 1 pint John Mellancamp, add a heaping spoonful of Beatles, a pinch of Stones, a sprinkle of Rod Stewart, a dash of Bruno Mars, beat well, to a boil, simmer. That's the recipe for The Livesays."


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If you miss the old New York City-based musical duo of Satan and Adam, who used to frequent clubs and festivals around the U.S., you'll be interested to hear what Mulebone is putting down. This Brooklyn-based musical duo consists of Excello Studios owner Hugh Pool on guitar, boot board, vocals, and harmonica, and John Ragusa on any number of flutes, tin whistles, jaw harp, and Conch shells. Together they are a potent force with a very bright future in contemporary blues.

Blues Revue


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Bob Lanza Blues Band

Bob Lanza was Inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame March, 26, 2012.
In 2011 the band Represented The New York Blues Society
In Memphis Tn, at the International Blues challenge.
Bob Lanza is a guitarist and singer from northern New Jersey. Bob spent four years as bandleader for Floyd Phillips and the Mudflaps, and has backed legends like James Cotton and Nashvilles Dave Perkins. He went out on his own after Floyd Philips died in 2001 and hasnt looked back. Inspired as a child by a Muddy Waters concert, Lanza has loved the blues ever since. His style is based around Muddys urban blues, but he pulls in bits and pieces from Jump blues, Texas shuffles, and a deck stacked with Kings. Lanzas blues are an amalgamation of traditional styles that form a singular vision of 21st Century Blues


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Mister Revelator
With influences coming from the Allman brothers band, Gary Clark Jr., Umphreys Mcgee and Galactic, Mister Revelator blasts an energetic diverse sound. Second Line Shuffles, straight punching riffs and heavy hitting breakdowns, this band aims to make its way into your soul. Their music is made to make you shake your hips, stomp your feet, hold a loved one and share a drink with a friend... so stand up, and come get down to the sounds of Mister Revelator.


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Lee Delray

New York based Lee Delray is a solid addition to the blues-rock pantheon, although nothing unusual or innovative is on display here. Lee is in Possession of a rough-hewn voice and a vuluminous arsenal of guitar licks…the right tools for the job. His guitar playing can be forceful, mellow or funky, as each song dictates. His lyrics on this st of all original tunes cover the usual blues topics of mean women, lost love, etc. His reliable rhythm section is rough and ready, providing a sturdy foundation for his energetic and adventurous guitar explorations.

Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony  

Lee Delray will give you straight in your face Blues music. He brings with him solid talented musicians who blend with his style. Lee has a circle of artists who are friends and willing to be on any of his projects.

Miss Ella - Sister To The Blues 


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The New Civilians

The New Civilians leave it all on the stage every time and everywhere they play. Their catchy original tunes are the reason fans of the band can’t get enough of their high-energy live shows. Their dynamic and genre-bending songwriting displays an aptitude for groovy riffs, thought-provoking lyrics, and unbelievably infectious hooks that give a nod to rock heroes of the past and blaze a path to the future.
Quite simply, The New Civilians exist to play rock and roll in its purest and most visceral form with no pretense and absolutely no bull.


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The Dana Gaynor Band

Dana Gaynor is a lead/slide guitarist and entertainer par excellence. Well known among the best musicians in both the New York and San Francisco Bay areas, her work is respected internationally. Her exciting guitar work and irresistible smile make her an instantly accessible performer who is truly a joy to behold.


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Scott Weis Band

The band’s been working the eastern seaboard of the US splitting bills, headlining festivals and night clubs. Leaving each show with waves of fans blown away with the style and talent that is brought out each night. What draws the crowds is their pure soul sound, emotionally infused rock played with the genius of musicianship rarely seen in a live show. 

The Scott Weis Band has been voted one of PA’s best bands by Shinbone magazine.
Scott Weis Band also is a 2012 Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee
as Great Blues Band of PA


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The Stanhope House Rhythm and Blues Revue

 The Stanhope House Rhythm and Blues Revue is proud to stand as New Jersey’s last great house band. This extremely talented group of musicians gathers together to represent everything that the House has to offer. From down and dirty old school blues to new funk-fusion and even rap, the Revue, much like the House itself, truly has something for everyone. The Revue got it's start when blues man Jon Klein (formerly of the Jon Klein Combine) purchased the legendary roadhouse in 2011. Since then, the Revue has grown to include the talents of 12 other amazing musicians, each of whom brings something utterly unique to the mix-from the beautiful and intense vocals to the impressive instrumentals, they truly blend together to form the perfect sound. The group has been performing its unique combination of cover songs and original compositions ever since, and has enjoyed opening up for nationally touring acts such as Johnny Winter and Milo Z. The Rhythm and Blues Revue can be seen on the last Thursday of every month when they put on a free show at the Stanhope House.


 Popa Chubby

Popa Chubby's music, forged in the toughness that is New York City, takes blues to the cutting edge, where it highfives its contemporary cousins rock, rap, and hip hop. With his razor sharp, biting guitar, vocals from the gut, and top-notch skill as a songwriter, Popa Chubby artfully combines the rootsiness of blues with the more modern urban elements of today's popular music.


Steve Guyger

Philadelphia is home to one of the finest blues harp players in the world.

Steve has shared the stage with the greats in Chicago and the contemporary harp players touring the world today, names like Little Sammy Davis, Carey Bell, Rick Estrin, Rod Piazza, Kim Wilson, Mark Hummel, Charlie Musselwhite and many others. His playing, vocals, songwriting and stage presence have earned him a place among the best of the players on stage today.


Louisiana Hoodoo Krewe

Louisiana Hoodoo Krewe consists of the Legendary Bobby Barth Widely know as the lead singer/lead guitarist for Southern Rock's Blackfoot and as many may remember the Singer/Guitarist for Axe and Incredible Blues guitarist/harmonica/singer Scott Weis a touring musician for the 20 plus years throughout the United States and beyond. This gut wrenching duo backed by an incredible rhythm section will blow you away with incredible dueling guitar solos and smoking harmonica all while playing original songs, Blackfoot songs and other great covers!


Billy Hector Band

Mr. Hector has shared the bill with B.B. King, Billy Preston, Bo Diddley, Coco Taylor, Johnny Winter, Ronnie Earl, Johnny Copeland, Buddy Guy, Dr. John, and The Fabulous Thunderbirds to name a few.

"Billy Hector is the slick playing machine gun fret master behind the band, and it's apparent that this gentleman has done his homework. Whether grinding out a slow blues or ripping through a medium chunker, or sizzeling past a fiery guitar instrumantal, Hector covers all bases flawlessly, with his own gut wrenching yet intelligent soloing."
Richie Begin,  Santa Cruz Times


The VooDudes

What is this voodoo that the VooDUDES do?

Well first you gotta make a Roux!!!
Then add in some New Orleans funk, blues, boogie-woogie and honky-tonk. Add a pinch of Zydeco, Southern soul and Caribbean party music and let it simmer 'til it's real thick.
In the vast VooDUDES library of original songs, nothing is sacred. Whether it's imploding the hits of Hank Williams into the ultimate drivin' and cryin' song
("That Hank Williams Feeling"),
or eulogizing the Southern jazz funeral ("Party When You're Gone"), The VooDUDES do it all--and with a beat that will make you move your feet.


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Duke Robillard

What do Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Jay McShann, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, John Hammond, the late Jimmy Witherspoon, Dr. John, Maria Muldaur, Roomful of Blues, and the Canadian band The Rockin’ Highliners all have in common? Answer: Duke Robillard,
Guitarist,  Bandleader, Songwriter, Singer, Producer, Session musician, and a one-man cheering section for the blues in all its forms and permutations. And every one of those names has shared recording studio space or stage time with a man who is a legend in the blues community.


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The Crawdaddies

Consummate headliners, the eclectic, good-time spirit of their set has allowed The Crawdaddies to share the stage with a wide range of artists including: Etta James, Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk, Trombone Shorty, Dr. John, Charlie Daniels, Last Train Home, Buddy Guy, The Old 97s, The Radiators, Jimmy Cliff, Carbon Leaf, CJ Chenier, John Eddie, Joan Jett, The Spinners, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Terrance Simien, G. E. Smith, Marshall Crenshaw, The Young Dubliners, Buckwheat Zydeco, and Reel Big Fish. The Crawdaddies were also invited to perform on the 2009 Mardi Gras Mambo Tour with Dr. John and the Neville Brothers.


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with special guest

Nasty Ned  

Slackjaw is a blues/rock band from New Jersey. Their unique style of hard blues and rock has made quite an impact on the local band scene. After their release of the self titled album, Slackjaw, they have continued to progress with new original blues/rock music that have gotten them a great response from fans. The members are John Thompson, Randy Marinelli, and Carl Capodice, and they are bringing the blues back to the younger generation. For the 2013 Bourbon Street Blues Festival, special guest and blues hall of famer, Nasty Ned, will be joining their act.


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Quimby Mountain

Known for their incredible live performances, Quimby Mountain Band is quickly reaching new heights. With the recent release of their new CD, “Move On”, the band is definitely “on the move”, having gotten air time nationally on the Sirius XM Jam Station.

They combine hard energy and spirited musicianship. Their stage presence is well beyond their years. Their sound is rooted in a blues/rock vain with elements of punk, power-pop, and pure rock. The songwriting is impressive, unique. They are ready for that quantum leap to the next level.”


Dennis D’Amico

Dennis' work is always lyrically and musically married. Beautiful melodies and interesting rhythms carry listeners off to another dimension. His songs, whether pop, jazz, country or samba, influenced all congruently, fit his mix with the signature of an artist who observes life, love and the mystical mysteries and magical moments that touch all of our lives.


Walt Bibinger
Jazz guitarist Walt Bibinger's playing has been described as "Rooted in the traditions of Tal Farlow, Johnny Smith, Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall, and Joe Pass, but with a sound and style all his own…"

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Andy B.AND

Andy B AKA Andy Bernstein, is a singer, percussionist and harmonica player, and songwriter. For 22 years, I've fronted The VooDUDES; for the last 4 years, done same with The Long Gone Daddies. Doing some percussion work with Juke Joint Jonny.
Inspired by the “urban folk” of New York’s WFUV’s rockin’ roots radio, I've begun a solo recording project. John “JP” Pittas is producing at his Benet Street Underground studio. We've completed four tunes so far that you can stream on my ReverbNation page.


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George Kilby Jr

George Kilby Jr. has taken his music from the road-houses of the Southeast to the major music festivals of Europe. His sound has been called everything from New Orleans R&B to Alternative Country. Born in Alabama, and residing in New York, Kilby's band is one of the top acts in the Northeast; and has backed the legendary Pinetop Perkins for more than a decade.


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Willie McBlind

Willie McBlind plays original blues as well as modern rearrangements of some of the Delta masters including Charlie Patton, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Howlin' Wolf and Blind Willie Johnson. The arrangements often start simply enough, and develop in new directions informed by the unique tuning. Willie McBlind has mastered the subtle shadings of pitch so crucial to blues feeling, yet so trampled in the modern day rush of our time.


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CC Coletti Band

CC Coletti is known worldwide for her rocking duets and background vocals with rock and roll legend, Meat Loaf and his Neverland Express World Tours from 2003 through 2011. Anthony Krizan, CCs guitarist and producer, first gained notoriety in the 90s as a member of the Spin Doctors. He has also lent his guitar prowess to such acts as, Tom Marshall's (lyricist for Phish) jam band Amfibian, John Waite, Noel Redding and his songwriting skills to collaborators such as Lenny Kravitz.
The CC Coletti Band has received wide acclaim for their performances of Rock and Roll, blues, funk and soul. CC's powerful voice, smoldering looks and playful energetic stage presence, mixed in with Anthonys monolithic, gritty, soulful, blues guitar riffs have lead the CC Coletti Band into the hearts and minds of rock lovers internationally


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61 North

61 North is an electrifying blues-rock band whose high-energy performances have established them as one of the Northeast’s best live concert and festival attractions. Their swampy, guitar-heavy sound has drawn comparisons to Gov’t Mule; their freewheeling, Southern-rock vibe to the Allman Brothers Band; and their charismatic funk-pop to the Black Crowes. Now, having captured that live energy on their new record Back Down To The Woods, 61 North is set for a national breakthrough in 2012.


Website Link

The Chris O'Leary Band

Chris O'Leary spent six years as lead singer, harp player and front man for rock and roll hall of famer Levon Helm's band The Barnburners, burning it up across the US and Canada. He also spent six years in the Marines to whom he dedicates the song "Dress Blues."
The Chris O'Leary Band's new CD "Mr. Used To Be" is the fruit of many years on the road and many nights absorbing the great blues, R&B, and and rock'n'roll that graced so many stages across the country. While Chris's music is rooted in the blues, you can hear shades of New Orleans, Rockabilly, and more.


Website Link

The Campbell Brothers

The Campbell Brothers present a compelling rich variety of material from the African-American Holiness-Pentecostal repertoire with a new twist: the growling, wailing, shouting, singing and swinging voice of the steel guitar, played as you have never heard it played before.


Website Link


Combining rock funk and soul with a heavy blues influence. Bonefide has been rocking the house at venues along the central jersey shore for the past 3 years. What started as a jam session between old friends in the basement grew quickly into a monster with the addition of killer horn section. If you don't get up and dance to this you're either dead or you don't have legs.


Deb Callahan

Philadelphia-based blues woman Deb Callahan possesses a powerful voice that is perfectly suited for her chosen profession, and she's been a fixture on the festival and club scene up and down the eastern seaboard since the mid-Nineties. Her latest release, "Grace And Grit, showcases that mighty vocal range as well has her writing talents, as she and her band churn out fourteen originals and one sparkling cover (of Ray Charles' "Hallelujah I Love Him So") on the most promising CD of her career, which includes some interesting forays into jazz territory.

Music City Blues
Nashville's Blues Society


Alexis P Suter Band

Alexis P. Suter is a rising star on the roots, blues and soul scene. Her powerful bass/baritone voice, seasoned with raw emotion and a wide streak of attitude, has won the praise of the greats!
"She is one of those wonderful spirits, she's got her arms around you, you can feel that." - Levon Helm
It's a rare thing to share the stage with great talent like that young lady. - B.B. King
America’s number one contender for the new Queen of the Blues Alexis P. Suter! - Dan Aykroyd


Dave Keyes

Dave Keyes, a New York native, has been a mainstay on the NYC blues scene for over 20 years, and has played with some of the most important figures of blues, roots and folk music.

Over the last 10 years, Keyes has performed regularly with Popa Chubby, the late Odetta, and gospel legend Marie Knight, and worked as a sideman with such roots-music masters as Bo Diddley, Sleepy LaBeef, Carl Weathersby, Pam Tillis, Gladys Knight, Chuck Berry and David Johansen.


The Slam Allen Band

For over 20 years, Slam Allen has been entertaining audiences with his unique blend of soul and blues. Playing the famous Chitlin' Circuit as well as performing around the world, Allen's music and enthusiasm has been shared with thousands of people.

From B.B. King to Otis Redding, Slam has a way of making you feel the Soul of the Music. It's often difficult to tell if he's doing one of his originals or an old blues or soul cover. Regardless, he makes all the music his own.


Hudson Crossing

Hudson Crossing came together when three neighbors in Weehawken, NJ found their common interest in blues, country, and folk. The group blends together the talents of a broadway singer (Jillian Giacchi) and two singer/songwriters (Julian Peterson and Martha Lee Frazier) to create an acoustic trio with an emphasis on strong vocals and three part harmony. Since the formation of the band, their idea has been to bring the same joy of playing music and singing together they found in each other's living rooms to the stage.


Eric Steckel Website Link

& The Craig Thatcher Band Website Link

Eric greeted 2008 by emerging from the recording studio with a host of new songs and an all new record titled “Feels Like Home”. Supported by solid session performances from Duane Trucks on Drums and Mike Esposito on Bass Guitar, “Feels Like Home” marks another stunning achievement for Eric as the one-time teen Blues phenom is now a matured guitarist who combines his Bluesy feel with eclectic influences and modern songwriting. “Feels Like Home” is on sale beginning March 2008.

In support of “Feels Like Home” Eric has teamed up with one of his original influences and early mentor Craig Thatcher to develop a new road band, “Eric Steckel and CTB”.

The Craig Thatcher Band has a well-earned reputation for blending classic rock and blues with a joy of playing that’s up front and bold. With their own worldwide recognition and a slew of music awards the CTB is recognized by many as one of the best bands on the East Coast.

Eric Steckel and CTB is a must-see-live performing band.


Roxy Perry

"My gigs are not for wallflowers or the faint-hearted. We have huge fun." Roxy has refined and streamlined her big-city brand of blues to guarantee total abandon, she takes the party from the city to the nation."

 Blues Revue Magazine 


Joe Zook & Blues Deluxe

Blues DeLuxe presents a panorama of Blues styles from the 30's to the future in a fluid array, stretching from a Dobro/Bass/Drums Delta trio to full-blown Jump Blues ala Roomful of Blues and beyond. With envelope-pushing contemporary original material (still true to the source) that slingshots the blues a step further, Zook and the band have the ability to stand out, whether in a small Blues Club or an outdoor Festival. 


Otis and the Hurricanes

"...take a little bit of delta blues, mix it with the spicey taste of New Orleans funk, shake it with some good time rock & roll and you've got the recipe for rockin' with Otis & the Hurricanes! One thing you can count on - is soulfull music played for real. When they plug in, the crowd turns on...."
More Sugar; music review


Mikey Jr.

“ ...his Knowledge of Traditional Blues Harp is impressive and his high end work on the instrument is as clean and as strong as players twice his age.”
“ ...This young man plays with a lot of soul.”
Larry Cotton, In The Basement Magazine
“ ...blues is in his Soul, the kid is a harmonica wizard.”
Tim Marshall, Rhythm & Blues Showcase WBZC 88.9/99.5FM


Don Mayer Band

Don Mayer has been doing live performances for more than thirty years. An extraordinary live performer in many styles including blues, rock, jazz, and country. Don is known as the Tone Master for his ability to achieve exceptional tone through his proficient knowledge of his instrument and equipment. Audiences everywhere are inspired and awed by his talent and musicality. 


Website Link     

Citizens Band Radio

In today’s great melting pot of music think of Citizens Band Radio as the Ultimate Americana Music Stew!! Take a bit of Willie, Waylon and Cash; mix’em up with some Gram Parsons & Old Crow Medicine Show; add a shot of Shooter Jennings; flavor with the drivin’ bluegrass sound of Bill Monroe; add a pinch of blues; roll in some Stones; toss in Dylan and season with Southern Rock and MIX! Oh, the final ingredient -- “ORIGINALITY!” VOILE! Citizens Band Radio!


Wicked high energy kick-ass blues!
Once Da Boyz get cookin' they'll boogie your woogie 'till you can't find your way home!


The HatMan Blues Band
Over the last 35 years, these Bergen County, NJ based boys have worked together in many musical venues and associations.
Here, their very diverse personalities are brought together by a mutual passion for one of their favorite forms of music.
You will find their unique approach to the "Blues" to be both entertaining and lively.


Mike Esposito

New Jersey native, Mike Esposito plays slide like nobody you've ever seen. Authentic, rootsy blues and old timey songs are his trademark and the Dobro and National Steel guitars are his weapons of choice. He's opened for the likes of Muddy Waters, Watermelon Slim, Bill Monroe, Chris Smither and a host of other blues and Americana music legends. If you like your music smokey and rich with a splash of down home Delta spice then you've got to check out one of the East Coast's finest slide players.

Robert Sands

Hailing from the Garden State is Robert Sands who is rejoining Mike Esposito on stage after spending years playing juke joints and music halls with the slide legend back in the day. Besides winning 4 Emmy awards for his music created for TV, Rob's specialty is blues and honkey tonk piano. Together, both he and Mike will get you feeling the raw, earthy
vibe that only comes from an earnest and unrelenting devotion to the Blues in all it's forms.


Bootleg Tonic

Bootleg Tonic is a hot new band with a really tasty sound. A Bootleg Tonic cannot be made without its two main ingredients Georgiana Trent and Eran Taviv. The first Bootleg Tonic record "Volume 1" showcases the band, their stories, and their bluesy-soulful sound.
The only thing tastier than the record is experiencing a live Bootleg Tonic show. The show has everything that’s on the album, but it is by far more intense and raw. "At heart we are both artists who live for the stage" says Eran, and Georgiana adds, ”Every song has come from real experiences, and we just hope you can feel it.”


Jen Starr

Jim Popik

Jen Starr is a dynamic and versatile singer whose experience crosses many genres. She's had the pleasure of working with varied performing artists from Phoebe Snow, Beth Neilson-Chapman to opening for Ray Charles. Since collaborating with master blues, jazz and rock guitarist Jim Popik in 2008, she's embraced these styles with sultry vocal abandon! Jim Popik is always involved in various projects but all are grounded in the Blues, the 'live' sound, and the art of improvisation.